What ongoing support do you provide after the initial setup of a pension scheme?

At Henderson Loggie Financial Planning, our commitment to clients extends far beyond the initial setup or implementation phase. We understand that ongoing support and resources are crucial for maintaining and optimising financial strategies. This article explores the comprehensive support and resources we provide to ensure businesses continue to thrive long after the initial implementation.

One of the cornerstones of our ongoing support is the provision of regular pension well-being sessions. These sessions can be conducted on a retained basis or as needed. Our Pension Accelerator Course is designed to enhance employees’ understanding and engagement with their pension plans and the sessions help employees stay informed about their retirement savings, investment options, and changes in pension regulations.

After the initial setup of a pension scheme, we provide continuous monitoring and adjustment services. Our experts routinely assess the performance of pension schemes, ensuring they remain aligned with the company’s goals and market conditions. This proactive approach helps in identifying opportunities for improvement and making necessary adjustments to maximise benefits for both employers and employees.

Implementing a salary exchange scheme is just the beginning. At Henderson Loggie Financial Planning, we offer ongoing support to ensure the scheme’s effectiveness and efficiency. We provide detailed guidance on maintaining the scheme, making adjustments as needed, and educating employees about its benefits. This continuous support helps in maximising savings and improving financial efficiency for both employers and employees.

Beyond pensions, HLFP offers ongoing support for group protection plans, including group life, critical illness, income protection, and private medical insurance. We assist businesses in managing these plans, ensuring they remain competitive and beneficial for employees. Our team regularly reviews the plans to adapt to changing needs and market trends, providing peace of mind for both employers and their staff.

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Every business is unique, and so are its financial planning needs. Therefore, we also offer customised financial planning services tailored to the specific requirements of businesses. Whether it’s strategic advice on tax efficiency, investment options, or financial risk management, our team is always available to provide expert guidance. This personalised approach ensures that businesses receive the support they need to achieve their financial goals.

Financial education doesn’t stop after the initial implementation. HLFP is dedicated to providing ongoing education for employees through various channels. This includes regular updates on financial market trends, changes in pension legislation, and tips for effective financial management. By keeping employees informed and engaged, we help them make better financial decisions, ultimately benefiting the entire organisation.

Additionally, a key part of our ongoing support is promoting pension awareness within businesses. We offer tailored communication strategies and educational materials to keep employees informed about their pension benefits. Regular workshops, newsletters, and webinars are some of the tools we use to foster a culture of financial literacy and proactive retirement planning.

Regular review meetings with businesses are a key component of our ongoing support. These meetings provide an opportunity to assess the effectiveness of implemented strategies, discuss any challenges, and plan for future improvements. Our experts work closely with business leaders to ensure that financial strategies remain aligned with company goals and market conditions.

At Henderson Loggie Financial Planning, we provide a wide range of ongoing support and resources to ensure that the financial strategies we implement continue to deliver value long after the initial setup. From regular pension well-being sessions to continuous enhancement of pension schemes and comprehensive financial planning, our support is designed to meet the unique needs of the business. To learn more about how HLFP can support your business, download our corporate services guide. Together, we can build a secure financial future for your business and employees.

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