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Planning for Retirement: 10 Things to Consider

Retirement planning is vital for ensuring that you can meet your goals for retirement, but it can be fairly easy to put off and worry about later. However, chances are that you don't want to work forever and you may already have big ideas for how you want to spend your retirement.

5 Ways to Reduce Inheritance Tax

Are you wondering how Inheritance Tax may affect your assets and the money that you leave to your family in the future? As with many other areas of tax, there are ways in which you can minimise IHT.

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Risks in Retirement: Are you Prepared?

Saving vs Investing: What are the long-term effects?

Pension Contributions: Personal vs Company

How to use a pension to buy commercial property

We are often asked by business owners, "Can I use my pension to buy commercial property?" and for some individuals, this could be very beneficial and tax-efficient. 

Pension Contributions: Personal vs Company

Pension contributions can be very tax-effective - but should these be paid from personal income or directly by your company?

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Employee to Self-Employed: Things to Consider

Making the leap from employment to self-employment is a hugely exciting time, but have you thought about some of the staff benefits that you are likely to lose from your employed role and how you are going to replace these?

Saving vs Investing: What's the difference?

Whilst cash savings won't fall in value, they will be impacted by inflation. On the other hand, investments could provide an effective option for your money over the longer-term, but there are risks involved.