Webinar: The benefits of reviewing your workplace pensions

Recorded 18th February 2021

In this webinar, Avril Craig, Payroll Manager and Ricky Clark, Financial Planner shared the benefits of reviewing your workplace pensions, from both a payroll and financial planning perspective.

What was covered?

  • 2:00​ – A review of what has happened from staging date until now and the triennial re-enrolment cycle
  • 8:29​ – The impact of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme on workplace pensions
  • 10:57​ – The common errors and pitfalls that we see from a payroll perspective
  • 17:48​ – The importance of reviewing your pension arrangements
  • 26:37​ – Salary exchange and the benefits this can have for the employer and employee
  • 34:17​ – The benefits of retained services
  • 36:03​ – Live Q&A session

Get in touch

Hopefully, this webinar has answered a lot of the questions you may have had. However, if you would like more specific advice based on your individual circumstances, please get in touch with our financial planning team at info@hlfp.co.uk.


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