Investment planning

Wealth can be accumulated in various ways during your lifetime. You may have saved surplus income during your working life or you could have received an inheritance or windfall. Regardless of how you have built up your savings, you will want to make the best use of your money to meet your short and long terms needs.

Our aim is to understand your goals and recommend savings and investments tailored for your specific needs.

We start by making sure you have enough easily accessible funds in case of emergencies and a pot of money for enjoyment. We then help you think about the future and what you can do to make your money work harder and increase the potential for better returns  

Risk is an important factor. We will always ensure you understand the associated risks when investing so that you know what to expect.  

We believe that using investments that invest across a wide spread of assets and geographic regions can provide an effective way to invest and help mitigate risks.  

As part of our review service, we monitor your investments to ensure your portfolio remains aligned to your aims, objectives and risk profile. We also look to make use of available tax allowances each year as it follows that if you pay less tax, your money has more opportunity to grow.

Our flexible and adaptable approach means we are well placed to implement any changes required and identify new opportunities that arise. 


I wanted to give some feedback to MHA Henderson Loggie Financial Planning because I have been very impressed with the service I have received.

Apart from making and saving good money for me, which I would have never achieved had I managed my own affairs, I find my advisor to be sharp, competent and a great communicator.

Adjusting the advice to a concise level that I can comprehend cannot be easy, as my finances are complex and my time has been short. I understand what I’m being told and over the years have profited and come to trust this firm and my advisor completely.

Douglas Cole

“We appointed MHA Henderson Loggie Financial Planning as our advisers in June 2014, to advise on our portfolio and financial requirements.  

They have steered us on a steady course through the financial maze and have invested wisely on our behalf, along the way, clearly explaining the advantages, as well as the risks and pitfalls. Our questions and correspondence are answered quickly and in an easy to understand way and annual reviews have also been conducted professionally and thoroughly.

Trusting our adviser is extremely important to us, as is getting the most from our investments. In these respects, we are very happy with our dealings with MHA Henderson Loggie Financial Planning and would recommend them to any would-be investor.”

Mr & Mrs Neilson